Grain carts

Grain carts

Grain cart Sunfloro ANP

The ANP grain cart is a reliable device for improving the efficiency of combine harvesters during harvesting. It allows you to unlock the potential of using powerful combine harvesters and is also used to load seeders with seeds and fertilizers to increase productivity.

The grain carts are a new product in the Sunfloro line, which is designed to make efficient use of combines during the harvesting process.

The parts and components of the grain carts are made of quality materials from the best manufacturers.

The grain carts provide:

  • 30% increase in the productivity of combines by minimizing their downtime during grain unloading;
  • reducing the number of combines involved in agricultural operations;
  • Reduction of seeders' downtime during loading (30% increase in seeders' productivity per shift);
  • reduction of harvesting time by 30-40%;
  • the ability to work on a wet field;
  • reduced operating costs for machinery maintenance;
  • weighing grain on the field with the issuance of a check or transferring data via GPS to the operator's computer;
  • reduced movement of agricultural machinery involved in sowing and harvesting operations;
  • efficient use of staff time.

The grain carts are combined with tractors with a capacity of 120-300 hp, depending on the model of the cart.

Agriculture today has become one of the most advanced technological industries in the world, driven by the constant optimization of processes that make growing and harvesting agricultural products more efficient and faster. This trend has influenced the optimization of grain harvesting logistics, leading to the creation of reloading hoppers, an innovative solution to improve the harvesting process. These devices have long been used abroad to reduce the need for a large number of combines during grain and corn harvesting.

Why the use of grain carts is beneficial

Many agricultural enterprises still have an outdated fleet of machinery. Investing in new equipment is an expensive step that not everyone can afford in the current economic situation. In this case, the use of grain carts becomes a profitable solution, as it allows you to quickly achieve impressive results, reduce costs and reduce the amount of equipment needed on the field.

What are the benefits of a grain carts?

Many people may ask what exactly can be expected from using such a grain cart? This device is aggregated with a tractor and moves next to the combine, ready to harvest immediately. It follows the harvester along the field, and when the hopper is full, the grain is quickly transferred to a truck or transported to a storage facility. This intermediate stage saves a lot of time and makes the process much more efficient.

The combine in such a chain can work without interruption, performing its duties much faster. This, in turn, makes it possible to use fewer combines. Experts have long emphasized that one hopper can replace one combine harvester if they work together in tandem. Where previously six combines were required to cultivate a field, four and two grain carts are now sufficient. This new technology allows for efficient use of resources and optimization of the process at the highest level.

Why do you need to use grain carts?

  • Reduced crop losses, as the harvesting process becomes faster and grain is not lost due to spontaneous falling out, weather conditions and other factors.
  • Reducing the need for financial investments to upgrade the technical fleet.
  • Labor savings.
  • Optimizing the use of machinery and increasing the efficiency of harvesting.

Modern machines provide opportunities to solve traditional tasks with the help of new technologies. You need to use these changes to your advantage to maximize your profits. Harvesting requires speed and quality of the process, and a hopper reloader will be an indispensable tool for achieving these goals.

What to look for when choosing a grain reloader cart

First of all, you need to determine such characteristics as the volume of the hopper, unloading capacity, unloading height, availability of a system for weighing and recording the shipped grain for maximum process automation. Tires also play an important role; they should be of the agricultural type with high cross-country ability to work effectively in fields with different types of soil.

Where to buy a grain reloader cart

Our company is a manufacturer of this equipment and can meet the need for grain storage bins with a volume of 16 to 40 cubic meters. The bins have a modern and reliable weighing system, a high-speed auger for unloading in a matter of minutes, even in the maximum size of the bin. The construction uses components from leading manufacturers, which guarantees the European quality of these products.