Disk harrows

Disk harrows

Sunfloro BDPS trailed disk harrow

The Sunfloro BDPS disk trailed harrow is used for disking, rolling and pre-sowing soil cultivation in one pass of the unit, which significantly saves time and fuel consumption for this operation compared to using separate units.

Trailed sectional disk harrows are universal machines for soil cultivation, which allow to perform three agronomic operations with one tool in one pass: disking, seedbed preparation and rolling.

Trailed sectional disk harrows provide:

  • smooth running of the harrow during transportation due to large pneumatic wheels;
  • work on fields with large amounts of crop residues and weeds;
  • terrain following during work;
  • accurate compliance with the working depth due to the rear rollers;
  • high productivity of up to 170 ha/day and quality of cultivation due to the working speed of up to 20 km/h.

Sunfloro disc harrows are manufactured using quality components and materials, which ensures the European level of quality. Aggregated with any tractors with 240-320 hp depending on the working width of the harrow.

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Soil cultivation operations are part of the technological stack for growing almost all crops harvested in Ukraine. They are carried out both after harvesting and for preparatory and primary tillage before sowing. The most common device used for this purpose is a disk harrow, which can be used either separately or as part of a universal trailed unit that includes additional devices such as rollers for breaking up clods. The operation of a disk harrow involves the movement of disks at a certain angle, followed by crushing, cutting and loosening the soil, adding vegetation residues to it for nutritious soil. The use of a disk harrow helps to break down plant residues into small particles and break up large clods of soil. Together, this ensures a uniform field surface and the preservation of moisture and trace elements in the soil.

Application of trailed sectional disk harrows

  • Pre-sowing cultivation. Prepare the soil for sowing by ensuring optimal distribution of moisture and nutrients for future plants.
  • Seedbed cultivation. Provide ideal conditions for seed growth by minimizing weed competition and creating a loose soil structure.
  • Mulch creation. Sectional trailed harrows help create an even coating of mulch that retains moisture and protects the soil from overheating.

What to look for when choosing a disc trailed harrow

If you are going to buy a disk harrow for stubble, light, medium and heavy soils, pay attention to the technical characteristics and capabilities provided by the manufacturer.

The main ones are:

  • versatility - the ability to disc, harrow, mulch and roll the soil at the same time
  • working width
  • the presence of sections for folding, which will allow
  • adjusting the angle of the disks
  • depth of disking
  • tractor power for aggregation
  • productivity
  • average fuel consumption per hectare

Why you should buy Sunfloromash trailed sectional harrows

  • High performance with quality in mind. Our harrows are designed to deliver high soil processing in one pass thanks to a unique combination of discs and sections. This means that you save both time and fuel without compromising on the quality of your work.
  • Increased accuracy and uniformity. Each harrow section works independently, adapting to the contours of the soil. This ensures an even impact even on uneven areas, preventing distortions and imperfections.
  • Long service life. Our harrows are made of high quality materials that are resistant to wear and corrosion. Technologically advanced production guarantees a long service life of the equipment even in the most extreme operating conditions.
  • Adaptability to different conditions. From heavy clay soils to light sandy areas, our harrows can handle a variety of soil types, providing the best possible start for different crops.
  • Easy to transport and store. The compact sectional design of the harrows allows for easy transportation between fields and convenient storage, even in tight spaces.