Front Loader

Front Loader


A front loader is a special equipment designed for loading and unloading of various materials. It is used for earthmoving works, as well as for moving all kinds of construction materials, such as crushed stone, sand, gravel and other loose materials. Designed for tractors with engine power from 60 to 120 h.p.

«SunPower» MAX 1200 FRONT LOADER

«SunPower» MAX 1200 is the most popular front loader in the Sunfloro Group product line. The reinforced loader frame, high reliability when working with loads up to 1.2 tons and improved lifting height of the arm are the main advantages of this general purpose quick-release loader. Designed for tractors with engine power up to 100 h.p.

Working bodies for front loaders

The Sunpower Max 1200 series of front loaders can be equipped with a variety of working tools at the customer's choice: a standard tine, a snap tine, a fork for euro pallets, a fork for loading hay bales, and a hook for loading big bags of seed and fertilizer. Each of the working bodies is designed in accordance with the technical characteristics of the loader, which allows you to get maximum productivity.

A front loader is a self-propelled machinery, as well as a type of attached equipment for excavation, quarry, loading operations in mining and processing of minerals, production of building materials, general civil and road construction, agriculture and utilities. Front loaders are designed for grabbing, loading, unloading, independent transportation of bulk or stacked materials and agricultural products for short distances. Purchasing a front loader is feasible if you need to capture cargoes from any horizontal surfaces.

Front loader operating principle

The main tool of a front loader is a bucket — a welded metal container with an average volume of 3-10 m3, which is attached to the end of the lift arm. The body of the arm features hydraulic cylinders, rods, and rocker arms. When they work together, the bucket or any other equipment is turned and lifted relative to the arm. Controls are placed in the cabin of the machine.

Compatibility of loaders with equipment on different types of chassis

Front loaders can be installed on 2 groups of machinery:

  • tracked machinery;
  • wheeled machinery.

Tracked machinery is high-powered special machinery that is used to perform large amounts of work in areas with a high risk of wheel puncture. Tracked machinery has low travel speeds and is restricted in moving on public roads with improved surfaces. This type of machinery is transported to the place of work by tractors. Usually, large high-capacity front loaders are installed on such equipment by the manufacturer. Tracked machines are typically not equipped with attachments. Such machines already have everything they need to perform their assigned tasks.

Wheeled special machinery is quite another matter. For this category of machines, SUNFLOROMASH offers a new front loader in order to expand the scope of application. Wheeled vehicles are manoeuvrable compared to tracked ones, more economical, and can travel on public roads on their own. They feature lower lifting capacity, but are pretty light-weight at the same time. Wheeled machinery works in limited space and cramped loading areas. It is possible to put the front loader on any tractor or self-propelled machines with 60-120 h.p.

Possibilities to equip the front loader with other equipment

Front loaders are mainly equipped with a bucket as the main tool. However, there is also auxiliary equipment:

  • Forks — equipment for gripping, lifting, loading and unloading bales or pallets.
  • Hooks — a tool used to load packaged loads or those with special fittings.
  • Silage cutters — equipment for agricultural machinery. They are designed to facilitate and accelerate the harvesting work.
  • Snow blades — equipment recommended for front loaders for utility services. Attached instead of a bucket, the blade is used to clear snow off roads, sidewalks, and adjacent areas.
  • Roll and other types of dedicated grippers — a category of attachments to work with specific loads. These can be barrels, tree trunks, bales, or rails.
  • Bulldozer blades — front loaders with an attached device to move loads and materials without pre-lifting.

Range and technical advantages of SUNFLOROMASH front loaders

SUNFLOROMASH offers reliable European front loaders produced in Ukraine, as well as headers, harvesting equipment, and transport trailers. These are developed by professionals in the sphere of machine building. Our machinery competes with the products of the world’s leading brands.

We offer front loaders of two product lines:

  • Strong. Quick-release front loaders with bucket operating width of 2000 mm and load capacity of 1200 kg. Designed for tractors and self-propelled machines with engine power of 60-120 h.p.
  • Sunpower Max 1200. Front loader with improved performance and increased loading height.

To give you the opportunity to buy a reliable and powerful front loader at a competitive price, we introduce technical innovations from model to model:

  • attachment to the equipment has become easier with a system of couplings, which speed up the process of installation and increase the equipment safety;
  • we integrate newly designed nozzle plugs for instantaneous connection and disconnection of the electrical or hydraulic circuit;
  • we use self-lubricating galvanized couplings, bolts in all moving joints;
  • the cab features improved visibility due to the internal parallelogram system;
  • we use hydraulic damping to eliminate shocks during driving;
  • the control system features a convenient joystick.