Grain pick-ups PP-3.4

Grain pick-ups PP-3.4

Grain pick-ups PP-3.4

The PP-3.4 platform pickup is an efficient and simple device for picking up swaths when using separate harvesting technology. It works in conjunction with John Deere, Dominator, Massey Ferguson, Claas, Case, New Holland combines, and others harvesting combines.

The PP-3.4 pickup platform is a new product in the Sunfloro product series for cereals harvesting , which is designed for efficient swath pickup during the separate harvesting of cereals, legumes, cereal crops, rice and grass seeds. The platform is part of a set of equipment for separate harvesting using swath reapers.

The pickup's parts and components are made of high-quality materials from the best manufacturers.

The PP-3.4 pickup platform provides:

  • careful selection of swaths of different capacity and moisture content;
  • picking up stale and sprouted swaths;
  • work with windrows contaminated with stones and small woody debris;
  • high work productivity;
  • low level of grain loss during pickup.

It can be combined with all known models of domestic and imported combines.

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Whether you are a farmer or a representative of a large agricultural enterprise, optimizing the harvesting process is crucial to maximizing efficiency and productivity. This is especially true for cereals, pulses, cereals and small seeds, which can reach critical levels of loss when harvested using the traditional direct combine method under unfavorable conditions of dead crops or high humidity.

Minimize grain losses during harvesting and increase gross yield

One of the key advantages of using the PP-3.4 swath picker is the ability to minimize losses during harvesting. This device ensures that a high percentage of the harvested grain gets into the combine's hopper, reducing losses and increasing the overall grain yield. By gently picking up the swath and transporting the grain to the combine's working bodies, the pickup platform helps to save a significant portion of the crop and increase the profitability of the farm as a whole.

Versatility for different crops and field conditions

The swath pickup platform is exceptionally versatile, adapting to different types of crops and field conditions. Thanks to its adjustable settings and innovative yet simple design, it can adapt to different swath heights, widths and densities, ensuring optimum performance over a wide range. This flexibility allows farmers to confidently work with a variety of crops, including cereals, groats, legumes and others, without losing productivity.

The PP-3.4 pickup platform also works with different types of terrain and the degree of field contamination, which further improves its efficiency compared to direct combine harvesters, which are more sensitive to these factors.

Fast and efficient swath harvesting

When it comes to harvesting grain from swaths, speed is crucial as external factors can lead to grain crumbling while still in the swath or waterlogging. The swath picker platform is exactly the device that surpasses other harvesting tools in this regard, significantly reducing the time required for separate harvesting. By picking up the swath quickly and evenly, these attachments simplify the harvesting process, allowing you to cover more ground in less time. The time savings are particularly useful during the short harvesting phase or in adverse weather conditions that require quick action.

Durability for long-lasting operation

In addition, the PP-3.4 pickup platform is designed to be durable when working in the field. Made of robust materials and designed to withstand tough working conditions, it ensures reliable operation season after season. By investing in a high-quality swath picker, you get a reliable tool that can withstand the rigors of harvesting.

Where to buy a swath picker

If you're ready to take your separate harvesting to the next level, check out our PP-3.4 swath pickup platform from Sunfloro Mash. The platform has an affordable price and is made using materials and components from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers. The technical features of the SunfloroMash PP-3.4 pickup platform incorporated in its design allow you to carry out the process quickly and efficiently without losing productivity.