Header Trailers

Header Trailers


The Carrello multi-purpose single axle trailer is designed for transportation of grain, sunflower and corn headers with cutting width from 5 to 8 m.


For transporting the headers weighing up to 5 tons.

Equipment transportation is just as important as its use. When fields are distant or headers and harvesting equipment are frequently transported, you need a trailer. Using CARELLO-2 trailers requires no extra effort from workers and machinery, and ease of their use allows you to transport the necessary headers quickly and safely.

If you plan to buy a trailed header for your combine, you will need a trailer to transport it. According to the rules of operation it is forbidden to transport the header mounted on a power unit in a suspended state, so you need to buy a trailer. With it, combine headers can be transported both in the fields and on public or farm roads, regardless of the weather conditions. When parked, the trailers are used as an auxiliary device for loading various equipment onto the power unit and for subsequent unloading.

Features and capabilities of trailers

Header trailers are manufactured according to standardized dimensions and feature high load capacity. In terms of design, there are single-axle or double-axle trailers. The peculiarity of the dual-axle design is that the front axle attached to the hinge allows you to follow the terrain, minimizing the load directly on the axle.

Trailers show light signals from the electrical equipment on the combine, which ensures safety of the header transportation during the dark time of the day. The devices can move safely both forward and backward, are good at turning, and safely overcome hills and descents.

Versatility and economy are the main advantages of header trailers

If you intend to buy a header for a combine and a trailer for its transportation, you’ve probably noticed the versatility of the trailers. The same trailer is suitable for transporting different header models: grain (including combing), corn, rape seed, sunflower (row or rowless) and other types. This allows farmers to save significantly on the purchase of agricultural equipment. All trailers can be quickly modified for new types of headers and are quickly adapted to technological progress.

All you need to reconfigure the device for transporting a particular header model is to change its removable and adjustable attachments. Supports for the header stiffeners can be set up on the attachment and adjusted to the correct fit for the header rakes. It takes an average of 15 minutes to convert the trailer to a new header model.

The main functional differences between the trailer models refer to their cutting width and the maximum permissible weight of the transported device. They are compatible with combines of both domestic and foreign production, regardless of the brand.

Why are header transport trailers from Sunfloromash worth buying

Trailer models from Sunfloromash catalogue have the following objective advantages:

  • durable and suitable for intensive operation in moderate climates, withstand precipitation and sharp temperature fluctuations;
  • provide steadiness and high stability when moving;
  • carefully transport all models and sizes of header, providing its safety;
  • feature outstanding manoeuvrability due to their turning radius;
  • trailer frames are characterized by high rigidity due to the use of thick-walled solid steel profile tubes.

All of the header transport trailers presented in the catalogue are competitively priced and designed for a wide range of users. Questions related to their operation and the aspects of the purchase process can be addressed to Sunfloromash customer service team by phone or e-mail. You can also order a callback on the website. After purchasing a trailer you can apply to the company for 24/7 service and prompt delivery of certified spare parts.

Sunfloromash header trailers will serve you many years, requiring only minimal repairs and performing to high quality standards. It is a worthwhile and profitable investment in your farming business. Please read the specifications on the website and place your order.