Rape Seed Harvesting Attachments

Rape Seed Harvesting Attachments


The RapeFiore header extension for rape seed harvesting is used for direct harvesting of rape seed. Header extensions for rape seed harvesting work in combination with straight auger grain headers of different cutting widths.


The Rape Fiore Hydro rapeseed header extension with hydraulic drive active side cutterbar is used for harvesting rapeseed and mustard by direct combining with a standard grain reaper. The rapeseed extension is paired with direct-flow auger grain headers with a working width of 5 to 12 m from any manufacturer.

RapeFiore rape seed harvesting attachment (header extension for rape seed harvesting) is designed for direct harvesting of rape seed and is combined with grain auger headers of domestic and foreign combines with cutting widths from 5 to 10.7 m. Design features of the attachment allow harvesting rape seed of all varieties with the least losses. Due to the unique design of the frame, table deflection is excluded. The use of the SUNFLOROMASH header extension for rape seed harvesting allows reducing the loss of crops up to 30% compared with conventional harvesting with the straight-through combine header. The attachment is effective in any weather conditions. This is achieved due to a number of design features, which distinguish our RAPEFIORE rape seed harvesting attachment from equipment of other manufacturers.

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The rapid development of European biofuel market made rape seed one of the major crops in Europe. The areas under rape seed are steadily increasing from year to year, and rape seed harvesting equipment has become one of the most popular types of agricultural machinery.

Design of header extension for rape seed harvesting

Header extension for rape seed harvesting is an attachment for direct harvesting of rape seed with a direct harvester system, which is used in combination with a straight-through auger header. Prior to operation, the header extension for rape seed harvesting is mounted on the sides of the header to ensure that it is securely locked in place, preventing it from moving during operation. The speed and performance of the attachment is identical to that of the combine header.

SUNFLORO header extensions for rape seed harvesting

SUNFLOROMASH Machine-Building Plant (Dnipro) offers farms and agrarian enterprises to buy RAPEFIORE header extension for rape seed harvesting. This attachment is much more effective than the conventional grain header, as it provides a reduction of rape seed losses by more than 30 %. The RAPEFIORE header extension for rape seed harvesting is suitable for all weather conditions and can be used to harvest winter rape seed as well as other small-seeded crops, including flax and mustard. The low weight of the header extension for rape seed harvesting enables quick mounting and dismounting of the attachment, and significantly reduces the load on the grain header, thereby ensuring high operating speed and fuel savings. The cutting width of the device ranges from 4 to 11.3 meters, with the maximum operating speed of 10 km/h. On customer’s request the header extension for rape seed harvesting can be equipped with a cutting system, as well as Ziegler (Germany) hydraulic or electric divider.

Advantages of the SUNFLORO header extension for rape seed harvesting

The rape seed header by SUNFLORO Machine-Building Plant is an inexpensive and reliable equipment for fast and high-quality harvesting. The machine ensures an even distribution of weight on the header shear fingers, which prevents breakage and mechanical damage to the machine. The trap eliminates spillage of harvested grains and allows to save up to 3 % in normal harvesting conditions and up to 10 % when harvesting low-growing or lodged rape seed.

SUNFLORO header extension for rape seed harvesting has many advantages, including:

  • high reliability;
  • long service life;
  • convenient and simple design that eliminates sway and reduces vibration;
  • easy maintenance;
  • low weight;
  • quality guaranteed by the manufacturer;
  • possibility to use for harvesting of small-seeded crops.

All machinery produced by SANFLORO Machine-Building Plant undergoes strict quality control and bench tests, which completely excludes the possibility of defects. We produce agricultural machinery using proven components only, which have shown good results during operation.

How to buy a header extension for rape seed harvesting

If you want to buy a header extension for rape seed harvesting at the best price and with the best quality, choose SUNFLORO agricultural equipment. Rape seed harvesting attachments from SUNFLOROMASH Machine-Building Plant offer affordable prices, combined with high reliability and technical characteristics, which fully meet the highest standards of European quality.

The customers of SUNFLOROMASH Machine-Building Plant are offered favourable conditions for purchase of agricultural machinery: you can receive a loan or buy a header extension for rape seed harvesting on lease terms.

Also, clients are guaranteed to get:

  • uninterrupted supply of agricultural machinery;
  • constant availability in stock of all spare parts for header extensions for rape seed harvesting;
  • service maintenance of machinery and efficient departure of repair crews.

You can buy rape seed harvesting machines from official distributors of SUNFLOROMASH plant in different countries of Europe.

Take care of rape seed, flax, mustard and other small-seeded crops today. With SUNFLORO machines, you can be sure that harvesting will go quickly and without losses.