Corn Headers

Corn Headers


FLORA CORN 870 corn header is the best solution for your tasks.

Corn headers by the Sunfloromash team ensure a fail-safe harvesting process with minimal losses, first-class chopping of leafy material, and smooth and gentle feeding of the corn cobs into the combine feed elevator.

Key features of corn headers:

  • Adjusted passage width to suit different cob sizes.
  • Sealed oil bath in the header central drive system with overpressure valves.
  • Self-cleaning and self-adjustable sprocket tensioners.
  • Continuous cob flow into combine.
  • Minimal loss of corn grains.
  • Lightweight and durable metal points and hoods.
  • Up to 3-year warranty for header frame and components.

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Corn headers are the most sought-after equipment for corn harvesting. Specialized attachments for agricultural machinery are necessary to create the highest level of productivity and reliable harvesting of the cobs. Since the process of planting and maintenance is complicated, losses during harvesting are a luxury one can’t afford. Corn headers are the best solution for fast harvesting with minimal losses.

Corn headers are multifunctional machinery. The device is designed for the following purposes:

  • separating the cobs;
  • feeding the harvested material to the combine feed elevator;
  • chopping of leaves and stalk residues;
  • throwing leaves and chopped stalks to the field.

The distribution of leaves and chopped stalks over the field avoids the need to collect them. After ploughing, the mass is turned into soil fertilizer.

Corn headers: design features

It is necessary to buy a corn header when growing crops in large quantities. The best equipment is offered on our website. Modern systems, including transitional attachment frames and spacers, are universal and provide easy coupling with combines. Corn headers are easy to buy. Some harvester models feature the attachment as a standard, while in other cases it should be ordered separately. The models are folded in transport position. This provides easy movement on highways or roads without creating obstacles for other vehicles. It is easy and profitable to buy a European level corn header from our company. Our equipment has become more advanced and reliable through decades of work.

Main parts:

  • frame with welded joint parts;
  • casing and dividers;
  • chopper for leaves and stalks;
  • auger;
  • cob picker bar and passage.

Those wishing to buy a corn header may be interested in the purpose of each part (functions of the components):

  1. The product frame is made of shapes and sheets of steel, with the relevant configuration in the shape of a chute. The frame is installed with a spacer through an opening in the wall (rear), and is connected to the feed elevator of the harvester. The corn header cost depends on the model, while the frames are of universal design. This allows compatibility with combines of any brand; casings and dividers are attached to the frame.
  2. Dividers and casings. The components are made of plastic or metal. Casing provides protection from plant debris, restricts access to the drive and passage mechanisms. The dividers direct the stalks into passages. Casing and plastic parts are lighter and provide quality sliding of the stalks. If metal dividers are selected, additional elements can be mounted. This makes it easier to feed in the stalks, especially when there are weak, lodged plants or when the plants are unevenly planted.
  3. Cob picker bar and passage. The corn cob harvester cannot work without this main mechanism that separates the cobs from the stalk. It also chops the stalks and feeds the cobs into the auger. The plates are adjusted by the driver of the farm machinery. This saves time and effort for the operator.
  4. Stalk chopper. The chopping machine needs a pair of legs. It performs splitting with equal distances; the stem is chopped into parts about 10 cm long. The resulting mixture of stalks remains in the soil, where during the winter season it decomposes, creating nutrients for further planting.
  5. Auger The spiral rotates, feeding the harvested crop into the central part and then into the feed elevator. The device is hidden in the recess of the frame.
  6. The corn header is worth buying for its simple design, which has a positive effect on the installation and operation. The use of modern materials and technologies allowed to reduce the structural weight and dimensions. As a result, the equipment requires less energy and the level of productivity has been increased by 25 %. The crop is harvested at a profit, as the percentage of losses during harvesting has been reduced. Corn headers are in high demand in Ukraine, also due to changes in the drive mechanism. Chain drives have been replaced by more advanced belt drives. This has simplified the maintenance process and increased the level of reliability.

How does the corn header work?

The equipment grabs the stalks and feeds them into the passage, into the cob squeezing area, where the cobs are torn off. The cobs are then moved to an auger device which feeds them into the threshing chamber. The horizontal blades of the chopper perform the cutting. You can harvest 4-12 rows, depending on the model.

Buy a corn header from the company

We offer only proven equipment. You can learn about the specifications and features of the header on our website. SUNFLOROMASH Machine-Building Plant develops and produces high performance, advanced equipment with the best design solutions. We offer high quality equipment at an affordable price. The harvesting mechanisms have a long service life and are characterized by technical reliability.