Sunflower Headers

Sunflower Headers


The premium Sunfloro Light sunflower header is a unique machine, which is designed with the preferences and practical experience of our customers in mind.


«SUNFLORO SHAFT» headers are machines of the European quality level that offer maximum productivity and minimum yield losses.


A classic sunflower header equipped with a pulling shaft. Suitable for higher harvesting speed for close-growing hybrid sunflowers.

SUNFLORO sunflower headers from the Sunfloromash engineering team can be easily connected to all models of combines from world brands.

  • John Deere
  • Claas
  • Case IH
  • New Holland
  • Fendt
  • Sampo Rosenluw
  • Massey Ferguson
  • Deutz Fahr
  • Gleaner
  • Fortchritt
  • Challenger
  • Caterpillar
  • Rostselmash
  • Dronningborg
  • Laverda
  • Polisya
  • Slavytich
  • Don
  • Niva
  • Enisey
  • Lida
  • Other models

SUNFLORO sunflower header is the best solution for farmers and agricultural producers who want to buy a high quality header at an affordable price.

Why SUNFLORO sunflower headers are rated among the best in the world:

  • Our headers are adapted to work in all climatic conditions.
  • High harvesting speed with minimal losses.
  • Premium header segment with a large cutting width for high-powered combines.
  • Variety of settings for all sunflower varieties and different yields.
  • Convenient and easy maintenance of Sunfloro headers.

How customers benefit from working with our team:

  • Extended sunflower header warranty for up to five years!
  • 24/7 service and commissioning.
  • Uninterrupted supplies due to stocking ready headers in the warehouse.
  • Interest-free instalment or lease options.
  • Availability of necessary spare parts in stock.
  • The best price offers and various configurations of sunflower headers.

Advantages of ordering sunflower headers from Sunfloromash:

  • 24 months warranty.
  • Perfect quality of materials and components used in production.
  • Modern high-precision metal cutting equipment.
  • The header frame and units are welded only using special slipways and adapters.
  • High-quality surface preparation and painting of all assemblies and details with imported paints.
  • Wide experience of each employee who knows their business.
  • Strong and experienced Quality Control Department. Quality control at every stage of production, bench testing of the finished headers.
  • Continuous work on improving the quality and specifications.

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The sunflower header is a specialized farm equipment intended for high quality sunflower harvesting. Sunflower headers simplify the sunflower harvesting process and increase the productivity of agricultural works.

How the sunflower header works

Sunflower headers are mounted on combine feed elevators. The machine is driven by the PTO. The Schumacher planetary drive ensures a straight blade stroke, which works in conjunction with the counter shear fingers and presses.
After one pass of the sunflower header over the field, only the plant stalks remain on the ground, and only the sunflower heads are fed into the combine. The threshed seed then enters the combine tank.

SUNFLORO sunflower headers are the optimal solution for agricultural enterprises and farmers!

SUNFLORO sunflower harvester is a combination of European quality and domestic prices. The machinery produced by the SUNFLOROMASH Machine-Building Plant (Dnipro) is well known in Ukraine and abroad. Reasonable cost, combined with high reliability and performance, put sunflower headers manufactured in Berdiansk among the most popular products on the agricultural machinery market.

SUNFLORO technology is easily combined with any combine harvesters — sunflower headers can be used with most of the well-known domestic and foreign brands of machinery. SUNFLORO sunflower header design takes into account all the aspects of working with different varieties of this crop. This ensures maximum productivity and little to no loss during harvesting.

SUNFLORO sunflower headers are suitable for harvesting fields:

  • sown in rows;
  • with irregular row spacing;
  • with close-growing crops;
  • field mowing.

This multi-purpose machinery allows you to maximize the loading of combines and minimize the financial costs of farmers through fast operation and fuel savings.

Why is SUNFLORO sunflower header worth buying

SUNFLORO sunflower headers provide a variety of advantages:

  • minimum service life of 15 years;
  • weight less than that of most counterparts;
  • possibility of use in all climatic conditions;
  • simplicity of use;
  • easy maintenance;
  • easy disassembly of working elements;
  • possibility to harvest sunflowers in fields with any row spacing;
  • minimum shaking of plants during harvesting;
  • clean harvesting (by cutting the heads with a minimum of leafy material);
  • wide range of adjustment;
  • possibility to use for harvesting sunflowers of all varieties and any yield.

The manufacturer guarantees durability and reliability of the equipment. There is a quality control system in place at each stage of production. Materials and components used in production are strictly tested and feature high quality characteristics. When welding the frame and various components, special slipways and conductors are used. All parts and units are painted with imported paints and varnishes. Finished products are tested on a special stand

Choice of model: which sunflower header to buy?

SUNFLOROMASH Machine-Building Plant offers agrarians several models of headers:

  • Sunfloro Light — premium-quality machinery suitable for the most powerful combine harvesters. It is used to work with continuous seeding and fields planted in rows.
  • Sunfloro Classic — designed for whole sunflower harvesting. Supplied in three configurations: economy, standard and premium.
  • Sunfloro Shaft — designed for sunflower harvesting in severe weather conditions. This high-speed rowless header enables farmers to minimize harvesting time.
  • Sunfloro Optimo — classic model for whole crop harvesting. Suitable for fast harvesting of hybrid varieties.

How to buy a sunflower header

To buy a sunflower header in Ukraine, please take advantage of the offer from SUNFLOROMASH Machine-Building Plant. We offer headers for sunflower harvesting with optimum prices and quality. We guarantee the agrarians will benefit from the purchase since our company is a member of all state programs that provide compensations for domestic agricultural machinery to the buyers.

Sunfloro header customers can count on:

  • uninterrupted supply of farm machinery;
  • extended warranty of up to 5 years;
  • constant availability of all original spare parts in stock for any header models, express delivery of spare parts and components to customers;
  • 24/7 operation of the customer service — the repair team can arrive at any time of the day or night without weekends or holidays;
  • qualified consultations on any issues by phone.

Sunflower headers are available on leasing terms as well as under an interest-free instalment plan.

Please contact the sales department of SUNFLOROMASH Machine-Building Plant or our official dealers, who work in Europe and other countries. Take care of your sunflower harvest as early as in spring. You can be sure that Sunfloro agricultural machinery will serve you for many years.