Soybean and legume harvesting headers

Soybean and legume harvesting headers

Sunfloro ZNZB soybean harvesting header

The ZNZB soybean harvesting header is a universal harvesting device designed for various types of cereals, legumes and cereal crops.

Harvesters for soybeans, pulses and cereals are part of Sunfloro's new line of harvesting devices. This series of harvesters is a universal device for harvesting various types of cereals, legumes and cereals.

The advantages of Sunfloro legume harvesting headers include:

  • work with different crops in the "hard" and "floating" knife mode;
  • the range of terrain copying is from 30 to 75 mm;
  • the ability to connect to the auto-circuit of the combine;
  • uniform movement of the entire mass to the inclined chamber.

It can be aggregated with all known brands of grain harvesting combines.

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Planning the process of growing soybeans and pulses should include all stages, including the question of which harvesters are most efficient for harvesting these crops.

According to statistics, 80% of soybean and legume losses occur during harvesting due to the use of inappropriate equipment. Thus, harvesters for these crops play a crucial role in maximizing yields and optimizing resources.

Challenges of harvesting soybeans and legumes

Harvesting soybeans and legumes is characterized by a number of features that require a specialized approach and the use of a separate header. Understanding these complexities helps to highlight the need for specialized equipment for efficient harvesting of these crops.

  1. Crop sensitivity. Soybeans and legumes have delicate stems and tiny beans. During harvesting, any incorrect movement or picking can lead to grain shedding and yield loss.
  2. High branching and short stature. Soybeans and pulses are characterized by high branching and short stature. This can complicate the harvesting process, especially in fields with uneven terrain.
  3. Variation in maturity. In soybeans and pulses, one plant can reach maturity before another, making it difficult to choose the best time to harvest.
  4. High moisture content. Soybeans and legumes have a high moisture content during harvest. This requires the use of harvesters with a more advanced cutting system to avoid losses.

Why you need a specialized flex reaper for harvesting soybeans and legumes

Specialized harvesters for soybeans and legumes take into account the above challenges and allow you to

  • start harvesting immediately after ripening, at a humidity of 13-15%;
  • cut the stems no higher than 10 cm;
  • maintain the minimum cutting height even in fields with uneven terrain;
  • easy adjustment to different types of crops;
  • reduce losses during harvesting compared to traditional grain harvesters;
  • can be combined with different series of combine harvesters.

All of this together gives an additional profit of up to $20 per hectare, which is significant when harvesting.

What parameters to focus on when choosing a soybean and legume harvester

A soybean header is matched to your combine harvester and can have different working widths. For example, Sunfloro's ZNZB soybean headers come in 6.2 m, 7.5 m, and 9.1 m working widths. Other important technical characteristics are the range of cutting height adjustment and harvesting speed. Harvesting performance is usually determined by the width of the selected reaper and the combine. The auger should have special adjusting fingers for better crop capture, and the cutting system is specially designed for soybeans and pulses.

Where to order a harvester for soybeans and legumes

Our company offers you modern and reliable harvesting headers for efficient harvesting of soybeans and legumes, helping to ensure maximum yield and optimize your farm's machinery fleet. Our Sanfloromash plant (Dnipro city, Urkaine) produces ZNZB grain and legume harvesters with widths of 6.2 m, 7.5 m and 9.1 m, which can meet the needs of any agricultural enterprise. Due to high-quality components and materials, we guarantee the European quality of our harvesting combine headers.