«SunPower» MAX 1200 FRONT LOADER

«SunPower» MAX 1200 is the most popular front loader in the Sunfloro Group product line. The reinforced loader frame, high reliability when working with loads up to 1.2 tons and improved lifting height of the arm are the main advantages of this general purpose quick-release loader. Designed for tractors with engine power up to 100 h.p.

«SunPower» MAX 1200 series front loaders is a new generation of modern loaders with a sturdy frame design, designed for longer life. The loader is equipped with the latest system for quick and safe hitching and unhitching.

«SunPower» MAX 1200 loader is suitable for mounting on MTZ-80/82 tractor with a standard and beam axle, as well as on MTZ-892, MTZ-920, MTZ-1025 and UMZ tractors. Loaders feature high flexibility, reliability, and various settings for high performance.

«SunPower» MAX 1200 loader is used for loading and unloading operations in agriculture, construction, utilities, roads and other works. In combination with a tractor, thanks to a wide range of interchangeable working tools, it can easily handle the overloading of rolls, bales, silage, pus, grain, vegetables, fertilizer, sand, gravel, logs, as well as help to clear the territory off garbage, stones, or snow.

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«SunPower» MAX 1200 FRONT LOADER


Advantages of «SunPower» MAX 1200 front loaders

  • Reduced weight of the front loader due to improved arm without losing strength and productivity.
  • High kinematic parameters of the loader lifting capacity.
  • High quality long lasting powder coating of the front loader.
  • Heavy duty fasteners and quick mounting to a tractor.
  • New attractive design.

Additional options:

Hydraulic damping provides added comfort by eliminating all hydraulic shocks that occur while driving.
Operated by a single-lever cross with the ability to perform two movements simultaneously.


Load lifting capacity, kg 1200
Lifting height, m to 4,5
L1 – 2636 mm Q1 – 1785 kg
L2 – 3502 mm Q2 – 1375 kg
L3 – 3801 mm Q3 – 1785 kg
L4 – 4549 mm Q4 – 1200 kg