Seedbed cultivator Sunfloro KSHS

The Sunfloro KShS seedbed cultivator is designed for pre-sowing soil preparation, moisture closure and cutting of weed rhizomes in fields with a moderate amount of plant residues. Due to its versatility, it allows you to save money when purchasing the necessary agricultural machinery for pre-sowing soil cultivation.

The Sunfloro KSHS sectional seedbed cultivator is a new SunlforoMash product in the line of devices for pre-sowing soil cultivation. It allows you to perform operations to close moisture before sowing, as well as remove excess plant mass with root cutting, which improves the growth efficiency of the main crop and reduces the cost of chemical weed control agents. The machine is available in working widths of 8 and 12 meters. Depending on the width, it can be combined with any tractor with a power of 220-300 hp.

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Seedbed cultivator Sunfloro KSHS


The KShS sectional pre-sowing cultivator is used for pre-sowing soil preparation, moisture closure and cutting of weed rhizomes.

The KShS sectional seedbed cultivator provides:

  • uniform deepening, even seed layer and distribution of crop residues;
  • packer roller in combination with a tooth harrow reduces the size of clods and prevents moisture evaporation;
  • ground clearance of 360 mm allows to overcome almost any obstacles;
  • improved penetration into hard soil at higher speeds and increased service life of the spring block due to the use of imported working bodies;
  • durability and more uniform soil cultivation due to compression springs.

It consists of a frame structure that folds for transport and working position, 5 rows of working members, including holders and tines of deep rippers, pneumatic wheels, rolling roller and tooth harrow sections, hydraulic system for lifting and lowering sections and a hitch for aggregation with a tractor.

The principle of operation of the Sunfloro KSH sectional seedbed cultivator

To perform pre-sowing soil cultivation, the KSH cultivator is delivered to the field in a transport state with the side sections (wings) raised. Before the start of tillage, the side sections are lowered and brought to the working position using the tractor's hydraulic system. Using hydraulic cylinders, the frame of the device is lowered to the ground so that the working members are buried to the required depth. The working depth must match the sowing depth to ensure a compacted seedbed. Therefore, it is adjusted to the specific crop being sown. Then the tractor starts moving, going around the entire area of the cultivated area. While the tractor is moving, the buried working members cut rhizomes, loosen the soil, and level it.

After completion of work, the side sections of the cultivator are raised to the transport position and transported to a storage place or another field.

The recommended tractor speed during cultivation is up to 12 km/h.

The KShS sectional seedbed cultivator is combined with tractors with a power of 220-300 hp, depending on the working width.

Технічні характеристики культиватора передпосівного секційного КШС

Parameters Model
KShS-8 KShS-12
Working width, m 8 12
Working speed, кm/h до 12 до 12
Loosening depth, cm 5-12 5-12
Road clearance, mm 360 360
Tine width of the subsoiler, mm 230 230
Overlapping paws, mm 75 75
Weight, kg 6000 7200
Can be aggregated with a tractor, hp. 210-220 280-300