Grain pick-ups PP-3.4

The PP-3.4 platform pickup is an efficient and simple device for picking up swaths when using separate harvesting technology. It works in conjunction with John Deere, Dominator, Massey Ferguson, Claas, Case, New Holland combines, and others harvesting combines.

The PP-3.4 grain pick-ups platform is a new Sunfloro product in the line of equipment for harvesting using the separate harvesting technology. It works in combination with windrower harvesters. It is used for various types of cereals, legumes, small seeds and cereals. The design of the PP-3.4 swath pickup from Sunfloro ensures reliable pickup of stale and wet swaths of various capacities. It works efficiently on fields contaminated with stones and weeds in conditions of uneven terrain.

All parts and components are made of materials and components from the best manufacturers.

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Grain pick-ups PP-3.4


The PP-3,4 pickup platform is designed for picking up swaths of grain, legumes, cereals, rice, grass seeds when using the technology of separate harvesting.

The PP-3.4 pickup platform provides:

  • careful selection of swaths of different capacity and moisture content;
  • picking up stale and sprouted windrows;
  • work with windrows contaminated with stones and small woody debris;
  • high work productivity;
  • low level of grain loss during pickup.

The design of the PP-3.4 pickup platform includes a platform frame on which a belt and finger conveyor, a normalizer, a balancing device, auger, copy wheels, a drive system and a combine mounting adapter are installed.

The principle of operation of the PP-3.4 pickup platform

When the combine is moving with the PP-3.4 pickup platform, the spring fingers of the belt-finger conveyor move from the bottom to the top, combing through the stubble and lifting the swath of grain mass. The normalizer presses the bread mass against the belt, which feeds it to the platform auger. The latter moves the mass to the central part and, using a finger mechanism, directs it to the conveyor of the inclined chamber of the combine. High-quality mass feeding is ensured by more than 200 fingers installed on the conveyor web.

The conveyor platform moves across the field on two rubberized wheels, which copy the field relief in the longitudinal and transverse directions due to the hinged suspension of the conveyor to the pickup platform. The rollers have height adjustment, which will allow you to collect the mass in fields with different stubble heights and different terrain.

The working bodies of the platform are driven from the counter-drive of the combine's inclined chamber by a cardan shaft to the platform drive shaft.

Design advantages of the PP-3.4 pickup platform

  • Overload protection system. A special pendulum mounting system of the pickup counter-drive ensures protection of the mechanisms against overloads.
  • Articulated suspension of the conveyor to the platform. Copying of the soil relief in the longitudinal and transverse directions is provided by the articulated suspension of the conveyor to the platform.
  • Eccentric finger auger mechanism. Provides improved mass capture, which helps to avoid mass accumulation.
  • Conveyor with a large number of fingers. More than 200 galvanized steel fingers are installed on the conveyor, which ensures high-quality mass selection.
  • Reliable drive of the working bodies. Allows you to maintain a high linear speed of the conveyor in a wide range of adjustments. Power consumption of the platform is not more than 5 kW.
  • Continuous conveyor belt. The use of a single wide belt on the pickup allows you to reduce grain losses from shedding during swath pickup. This is especially true in case of drying out or periodic wetting of the swaths due to unstable weather conditions.

Technical specifications of the pickup platform PP-3,4

Parameters Value
Working width
3,4 m
Working speed
to 8 km/h
Transportation speed
to 20 km/h
Power consumption
no more than 5 kW
Screw speed of the auger
190 rpm
Linear conveyor speed
0,84 - 2,68 m/s
1020 kg
Can be aggregated with combine harvesters
With all known combine harvesters