It is intended for harvesting leguminous plants and is mounted on the combine grain header.

The soybean harvester is a special attachment to convert grain harvesters for productive harvesting of legumes. Since legumes usually have climbing stalks, and the mature pods are very close to the ground, the harvesting equipment should follow the contours of the field as closely as possible and at a minimum height from the ground. The low cutting height provides a significant reduction in mass losses during bean harvesting. It increases the total yield by 25% (additionally about 200-300 kilograms per hectare). It is especially important on fields with difficult terrain, as it is necessary to ensure the lowest possible cut. The soybean header slides on the skids placed on the lower part of the body. They are spring-mounted for improved surface repetition in both transverse and longitudinal axes. The advanced attachment with a floating rake can provide a minimum of 1 cm of cutting height. The cutting device deflects by ±100 millimetres, which guarantees the best possible cut of all mature full beans.

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The soybean harvester is designed to re-equip any brand of combines for direct combine harvesting. The cutting width provided is 5 to 9 meters.
The difficulty of mechanized harvesting of soybeans with a combine is the need to ensure a minimum cutting height, which results from the peculiarities of growing soybeans. The bulk of soybean grain is at the bottom of the plant in close proximity to the soil surface. According to agrotechnical requirements, devices and machines for soybean harvesting should provide a cutting height of not more than 5 cm of the plant. The ETTARO soybean and pea harvester is perfect for this task.

The purchase of the attachment, as compared to a header, has a number of advantages:

  • financial savings, since the header is much more expensive;
  • time savings due to easy installation and maintenance;
  • space and cost savings during seasonal maintenance;
  • a large selection of components always available from various suppliers;
  • increased rigidity due to the fact that the attachment is mounted on the rigid rake and the frame of the grain header, thereby increasing the overall stiffness and creating conditions for accurate terrain repetition during harvesting.

The soybean and legumes harvester deflects by up to 10 cm during terrain tracking, which guarantees a cut of up to 1 cm above the field surface.

The attachment automatically follows the contours of the field in longitudinal and transverse directions at a predetermined cutting height.

Terrain tracking is carried out with our unique ground-contact system, which ensures deflection and a minimum cutting height.

The floating cutting device provides a low cutting height for soybeans within agronomic requirements. This allows to reduce losses and increase the gross yield of soybeans and peas by 20-30 %.

ETTARO soybean and pea harvester design

The ETTARO soybean harvester consists of the following main assemblies:

  • left and right sides;
  • floating overhanging finger cutting device with the system of skiing lever repetition of the soil surface across the entire width of the header;
  • overhanging cutting device drive;
  • right and left active dividers and safety guards;
  • quick-release grippers for attaching the device to the sides of the header.

The soybean harvester is driven by a V-belt from the header drive pulley through the MBD gearbox.


Cutting height is adjustable from 10 to 100 mm. Adjustment is carried out with the help of adjusting bolts on the skids. Recommended working cutting height is 30-50 mm.

Mounting of the attachment to the header

Mounting of the attachment to the header is very easy. The attachment is mounted to the header with brackets and side tie locks and does not require disassembling the header.


Reliability of the attachment is provided by original design solutions, which prevent penetration by foreign objects on the ground, excluding breakage in the course of work.

The skids that track the ground contours have a wear-resistant friction polymer coating, so that there is no sticking of soil and crop residues when working in wet fields.


The ETTARO attachment significantly improves the quality of soybean harvesting. The use of the soybean and legumes harvester reduces losses by up to 30 %.
It is used for all types of combines with cutting width of 5 to 9 m.
Soybean harvesting device weight ranges from 500 to 700 kg depending on the cutting width.

Cutting width, m from 5 to 9
Weight (depending on width), kg from 500 to 700
Adjustable range of cutting height, mm 10-100
Recommended driving speed during harvesting, km/h 5
Average productivity at 5 km/h, ha/h