Working bodies for front loaders

The Sunpower Max 1200 series of front loaders can be equipped with a variety of working tools at the customer's choice: a standard tine, a snap tine, a fork for euro pallets, a fork for loading hay bales, and a hook for loading big bags of seed and fertilizer. Each of the working bodies is designed in accordance with the technical characteristics of the loader, which allows you to get maximum productivity.

The working bodies of the Sunpower Max 1200 front loader allow you to expand its functionality for various tasks, including loading/unloading and moving bulk materials, large pieces of materials, piece goods, Euro pallets, big bags for grain and tusks, bales and bales of hay, etc. Due to the wide range of working bodies, the front loader will become an indispensable tool in agriculture, utilities, warehousing, construction and other areas where loading, unloading and moving cargo over short distances is required.

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Working bodies for front loaders


Standard bucket

The standard bucket is the most common and versatile attachment on a front-end loader. It is used for lifting, moving and loading various materials such as soil, sand, stone or building materials.

We can equip Sunpower Max loaders with buckets in 2 versions with different volumes and widths, depending on the needs of a particular job.

  • volume - 1.3 m3, width - 2.5 m
  • volume - 0.9 m3, width - 1.8 m.

Jaw bucket

The jaw bucket is a universal working tool that combines the functions of a standard bucket, bulldozer blade and jaw grab.

We equip Sunpower Max loaders with a 1.3 m3 jaw bucket. On request, we can produce a jaw bucket with other parameters.

Hook for big bags

A big-bag hook is an important tool for handling goods placed in special soft containers - big bags. This working body allows the forklift to easily grab and lift big bags, which makes it ideal for agricultural work when loading seed into seeders and tuk-tuks, in logistics, warehouse chain and other industries where the use of big bags is common.

The design includes a hook with a suspension height of 1.3 m and the ability to adjust it within 250 mm. The load capacity is 1000 kg. As an option, the frame hook design can be retrofitted with forks for bales and bales of hay or haylage.

Forks for Euro pallets

The Euro pallet fork is designed for lifting and moving standard European pallets with stackable piece goods. This working body ensures fast and efficient handling of goods in warehouses, supermarkets and other places where the use of Euro pallets is standard.

The design includes a frame on which the forks are hung, which can be adjusted in width to suit different pallet designs. The maximum width of the forks is 895 mm, the minimum is 326 mm. The working depth is 1000 mm. Load capacity - 1000 kg.

Forks for hay and haylage bales

For the agricultural industry, it is important to be able to move bales of hay and haylage easily and safely. The bale fork allows the front loader to pick up and move these types of feedstuffs from the field to the storage facility, transport them to other places of use, or load and unload platforms for their transportation.

They can be used with the frame as a separate implement or mounted on the frame of a big-bag hook. The bale gripper width along the guides is 1300 mm, the length of the long gripper is 1255 mm, and the short gripper is 680 mm.