Stripped header Shelbourne

The CVS hydraulic Stripped combine harvester header by Shelbourne (UK) is designed for harvesting cereals, legumes, grass and hemp seeds using the technology of combing the stem without cutting it.

The CVS hydraulic stripped header by Shelbourne (UK) is a unique technique for harvesting cereals, legumes, grass and hemp seeds.

It is maximally adapted for harvesting using No-Till technology. The best option for harvesting dead plants and humidity up to 35%.

A large number of Shelbourne stripped headers are available in a wide range of models with working widths from 5 to 12 meters.

The innovative principle of harvesting grain and seeds without threshing improves grain quality, and the minimum amount of stalks that pass through the reaper increases the productivity of the harvesting process by 50% and reduces fuel consumption by 35-40%.

It can be combined with any grain combine harvester.

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Stripped header  Shelbourne


CVS stripped header by Shelbourne (UK) - designed for harvesting grain crops such as wheat, barley, oats, flax, flaxseed, field peas, perennial grass seeds and hemp leaves, flowers and buds.

Operation and technical features of the Shelbourne stripped header

The stripped header is powered by a 24-inch diameter rotor consisting of 8 rows of stainless tines that run across the entire width. Keyhole holes located at the base of the reaper play an important role in the combing process.

The combing fingers lift the fallen crop and feed the ear into the holes. The removed grain is then fed to a rotating auger.

Technical features of Shelbourne CVS stripped headers:

  • Elastic stainless tines with flanges at the ends are resistant to wear.
  • The tines' receiving cups point upward, making it easier to harvest difficult-to-thresh crops. In addition, the cups control the trajectory of the grain as it passes through the header.
  • The rotor speed can be adjusted using the cab-mounted remote control to increase harvesting efficiency. This feature allows you to work with crops of varying degrees of humidity (morning - afternoon - evening).
  • The 7, 9 and 10-meter-wide headers are offset to the right to compensate for the weight of the heavier left edge. Accordingly, it is easier to align the header on an inclined chamber.

Specification of Shelbourne stripped header

Parameters Values
Working width
9,6 m
2850 kg
Rotor speed range
440-770 rpm.
Range of adjustment of rotor speed changes
1 rpm
Overall height
1152 mm
Overall length
10036 mm
Overall width
2105 mm